Efficient embedded computing (2010) [pdf]


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  • davemp 341 days ago

    TL;DR: A distributed "nano-processor" [1] architecture with a bunch of neat tricks to allow the "nano-processors" to coordinate with the help of a master processor.

    It looks like it could have potential if they come up with a sensible paradigm to progam it. Unfornately it looks like they're trying to shoehorn C into an architecture that's wildly different than C's original target. [2]

    I don't really see this taking significant market share from FPGAs/ARM in its current state.

    [1]: they use the term ensemble but that is unintuitive

    [2]: http://cva.stanford.edu/projects/elm/compiler.htm

    • eli_gottlieb 341 days ago

      I look forward to reading this. A system that can really do better than FPGAs and ASICs at compromising between speed and programmability is a multi-million dollar breakthrough.

      • rayuela 342 days ago

        2010 flag!