Launch HN: ShiftDoc (YC S17) – On-demand healthcare staffing marketplace

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  • bobowzki 796 days ago

    This is very common in Sweden. It's good for doctors but not so much for patients, depending a bit on the speciality. This is because you lose some quality of care when you see a different doctor each time. But of course a fresh point of view can also sometimes be an advantage and bring new knowledge.

    That said, this is an inevitable development in healthcare and I welcome your approach using software to automate the process.

    Source I'm a doctor. I have done temp work through agencies such as this one. And I'm a software developer.

    • popupeyecare 796 days ago

      Thanks. We agree that the concept lends itself better to some specialties like ER, Anesthesia etc. I would love to hear more about your experience if you have a chance. -

    • FLUX-YOU 796 days ago

      Do you include training or overviews for software used between different practices? Quick references on EMR choice, custom applications, and other differences between practices would probably reduce friction when starting at a new practice. You might even be able to include patient care summaries automatically if you are sharing patients.

      Getting people set up with domain credentials and doing standard prep work were some of the other complaints I heard about, so good move there.

      • popupeyecare 796 days ago

        Thats a great idea. In the future, we do plan to offer 'virtual training' to get professionals familiar with the EMRs, etc before picking up a shift. Currently, people tend to post what software they are familiar with and offices usually hire professionals that have used that software or ask the employee to come in early and get trained.

      • orb_yt 796 days ago

        Love it. I have quite a few family/friends in the healthcare industry..i'll have to ask them whether or not they would find something like this useful.

      • avichal 796 days ago

        Are you live everywhere in the US or only in certain cities?

        • popupeyecare 796 days ago

          We are currently working with Optometrists in San Francisco, New York and Chicago. We are onboarding other healthcare professions and hope to expand to other major cities soon.

        • azadiwan 796 days ago

          Great idea!!look forward to using it!

          • drashtimodi 796 days ago

            Absolutely love this idea. I have many Mom friends in Healthcare who'd be happy to pick up shifts on their kids free days!

            • RXChica85 796 days ago

              I love this idea! I've always wanted the option to pick up some extra shifts during my free time, but have always had difficulty finding a place without committing long-term.

              • popupeyecare 796 days ago

                Thanks! That's exactly why we are starting this. We plan to eventually expand into all professions in healthcare.