• akshayB 280 days ago

    I hope the researchers some how finds a way to treat brain injuries, diseases or disorders, especially if this is something that can be achieved in few days.

    • booleandilemma 280 days ago

      3 week Neuron Bootcamp - start your career in the nervous system today!

      • himom 280 days ago

        Donating blood gives me anxiety now, or were blood cells transformed into neurons inducing nervousness? Hmm. ;)

        Give life, donate blood etc.

      • ariehkovler 280 days ago

        I am upgrading to SmartBlood(tm) at the earliest opportunity.

        • jchook 280 days ago

          I wonder if this has applications in AI.

          For example, folks like Jeff Hawkins are obsessed with ML techniques that mimic human neurons. This might give them a way to study and discover properties of neural networks.

          • gnulinux 280 days ago

            Will there ever be a HN thread not wondering about something's applications on AI?

          • mar77i 279 days ago

            That's the first step into tricking an ubiquitous lifeform, such as a fungus or bacterium into a computer. It comes as no particular surprise to me that teaching living cells to think would turn out easier than doing the same with rocks.

            • kieckerjan 280 days ago

              Great, soon we will have to take an IQ test before donating blood. :)

              • mar77i 279 days ago

                My blood is probably smarter than me. It provides me with everything and appears so self-sufficient as long as I keep it happy with nutrients and solvent.