Ask HN: Which tool have changed your life recently?


23 points | by JunaidBhai 9 days ago


  • deepaksurti 9 days ago

    Org Mode in Spacemacs. I combined with a clean folder conventions combined with sensible usage of tags.

    FWIW, I earlier had an analog planning system, but it wasn't scaling. With a new job and changed roles/responsibilites, Org mode gives me the productivity I was looking for.

    The past 2 weeks since I have started using it has given me positive results. But I will wait for the year to give a definite answer :-).

    • snazz 9 days ago

      And GitHub even renders .org files the same way they do Markdown. You can store your notes in a Git repo and see them on any device, even without Emacs installed.

      • deepaksurti 9 days ago

        Excellent I did not know that. Thank you, one of my TODO state changed to DONE.

    • vicpara 9 days ago

      VisualStudio Code - I got rid of almost all IDE. I still keep using Intellij though for scala.

      • pattu777 9 days ago

        Notion. Been using it for a while to take all kinds of notes. Loving it.

        • seanwilson 8 days ago

          Can you explain what makes it so good compared to using a combination of the tools it says it replaces? What if you like some of the tools it has and not others?

          • JunaidBhai 9 days ago

            Same here. Started using it last month and by far one of the most fantastic product that made life easier for me.

            • ahpearce 8 days ago

              Wow. Thanks for mentioning this. This is incredible.

            • v4n4d1s 9 days ago

              I used to run a Microsoft Exchange Server for my family, just switched to Mailcow-Dockerized, which is really awesome.


              • yesenadam 8 days ago

                LaTeX: Using TexShop to take notes, diary, programming notes, writing - making everything into beautiful PDF ebooks. TikZ for diagrams.

                • CtrlAltEngage 9 days ago

                  Not so recent but Vimwiki.

                  Fantastic way to organise things and has a built in diary. Definitely recommend it to fellow vim habitators.

                  • hannahzenkova 8 days ago

                    Thinking about Calm - I've started meditating, and this changed everything in my life :)

                    • mayamatrix 8 days ago

                      Definitely the Pihole

                      • ghostpirate 9 days ago

                        Headspace - Meditation guidance

                        • notomorrow 8 days ago