Ask HN: How much time do you spend on the “New” page?

16 points | by alistproducer2 507 days ago


  • oldmancoyote 507 days ago

    I spend maybe 30 minutes a day on New and just a minute or two on the Front Page. New is where all the interesting and thoughtful stuff is. The Front Page is pretty dull. I think only one item I voted on ended up on the front page. I'm reading this on New right now. I don't recall on ever voting on the Front Page.

    • blcArmadillo 505 days ago

      I look at new quite a bit but that's probably because I typically consume HN via a script which opens a text file containing: front page, ask, new, show. The entries are formatted as:

        Entry #. Title
        <link to article>
        <link to discussion>
      So for example for this page it showed up as:

        18. Ask HN: How much time do you spend on the New page?
      This makes it easy for me to quickly consume.
    • wilsonnb3 506 days ago

      Never been. I’m just here for the comments so the new page isn’t useful for me.

      • KiDD 506 days ago

        Once I'm like 10 pages deep or hit a bunch of visited links I go to new

        • nf05papsjfVbc 506 days ago

          I find the front-page itself to have poor signal-noise ratio. New is much worse. So, I stick to the main page and the "ask" page. I seldom look at the "new" page.

          • Doyniish 506 days ago

            Not much unless I have already caught up earlier in the day, like on weekends. I usually go right to the 'Ask' page as I like reading the discussions in the comments.

            • cm2012 505 days ago

              I only read comments 95% of the time, so very rarely.

              • IAmNeo 507 days ago

                I visit "New" a few times a day, it's my go to when I've nothing else to do. Sadly, I hardly ever vote.

                • miguelrochefort 507 days ago

                  10 minutes a year.