Ask HN: Which site is best to check the domain authority of sites?

5 points | by Mahesh4005 156 days ago


  • pidu87 155 days ago

    I use both but they are very limited unless you pay them.

    As mentioned by jurgenwerk they both have their own version of "DA" pretty much only Google knows your "DA" they are just making an educated guess based on backlinks and other factors.

    I found two sites that offer the same info for free.'s "Domain Authority Checker - DA checker - Check domain authority" and's "DOMAIN AUTHORITY CHECKER."

    • jurgenwerk 156 days ago

      Both maintain their own backlink index and calculate their scores with different formulas. That means their authority metrics will rarely match, unless the website is very established. That said it makes little sense to compare the metrics across both providers.

      Stick to the provider you trust more and perform domain/page authority comparisons in the scope of a single SEO metrics provider.

      Personally, I think Ahrefs is more accurate. Their crawling bot is supposedly the second most active bot after Google.

      • nik736 154 days ago

        There is no "correct" as no one knows what Google is really doing.

        • seanwilson 155 days ago

          What are you actually trying to measure though?

          • bunny9 153 days ago