Tesla/spacex – financials and raising

2 points | by raleigh_user 505 days ago


  • Nokinside 505 days ago

    That Elon Musk has leveraged 40% of his Tesla stock to fund his other businesses.

    SpaceX is private company so we don't know how much his SpaceX ownership is pledged as collateral.

    • raleigh_user 505 days ago

      Is that something I should care about? I don’t really care how much he leveraged stock. Maybe people in finance would care because maybe that might mean he’s stressed about the different ventures but that’s just par for the course in the tech world.

      • Nokinside 505 days ago

        If Musk gets a margin call, forced liquidation will create downward price pressure. He has to do SEC filings and announce it to the world. It could create huge panic sell and open a door for a takeover.