Show HN: Tech jobs with salary range


8 points | by keshab 195 days ago


  • Adamantcheese 195 days ago

    What does this offer that other job boards don't? The statistical ranges offered by say Glassdoor show you an estimate which is more than good enough for most cases, as you should be negotiating your pay anyways. And the salary range on some of these listings is so massive that I can't say it provides me any information at all.

    • keshab 194 days ago

      This is mostly an aggregator for a specific niche. I'm still trying to see if it will be useful for the public. Thank you for your comment.

    • lexda15 194 days ago

      Thanks for sharing. Where do you take projects?

      Why did you create the website?

      I mostly use this job aggregator service ( Because it shows me projects with my chances to be hired. I like this feature the most.

      • keshab 194 days ago

        Hi, the one I'm trying to build is also an aggregator. I would like to make it as automated as possible. This is something I just built for the heck of it. Periodix looks really cool and has a bigger scope than my site. Thank you for the comment.