Chrome plugin that adds a laugh track to all videos


86 points | by fjallstrom 71 days ago


  • xiphias2 70 days ago

    Is there an inverse mode where it removes the laugh track?

    • teekert 70 days ago

      For the big bang theory?

      • sneakernets 70 days ago

        I have bad news - that one isn't a laugh track, those are real people there specifically for the taping laughing at those terrible jokes. Two and a Half Men had the same "live studio audience" setup.

        • dogsgobork 70 days ago
          • teekert 70 days ago

            Hahaha, cool. But I guess the cringe would be less if they didn't wait for the inaudible laughing to be over...

          • 70 days ago
          • sametmax 70 days ago

            I would actually pay for that.

            • xiphias2 70 days ago

              I don't like the jokes in any movie that needs a laugh track anyways, so I don't have this problem :) But it's a fun deep learning excercise.

          • pkz 70 days ago

            Awesome hack! Thank you for arranging the stupid hackathon edition in Sweden (participated the first time).

            • StavrosK 70 days ago

              I really want to organize one of these where I live, but I'm afraid nobody would come. This is the sort of stuff that I love doing, and this really is a great hack.

              • fjallstrom 70 days ago

                developer/organizer here. hi! arranging a stupid hackathon is almost too easy, and loads of fun. attendees are usually very forgiving and happy, and if something fails it is stupid and therefor on brand. i make them annually in sweden, and this was year no3. fantastic experience.

                • StavrosK 70 days ago

                  Thanks for the info! Unfortunately the tech community where I am has shrunk to almost nothing due to the recession, so I don't think there would be enough people joining :(

            • maxxxxx 70 days ago

              Laugh tracks are a clear sign to me that humanity is not as evolved as we think we are. Add butt implants to that.

              • criddell 70 days ago

                I think the opposite. The effectiveness of laugh tracks make it very clear how social we are. Even when we are doing something in isolation (like watching tv), we want to be part of a group.

                I'm with you on butt implants though.

              • ddtaylor 70 days ago

                For me this is pure torture.

                • _asummers 70 days ago

                  This is my nightmare. Laugh tracks are one of the most obnoxious sound additions to any piece of media, to me. If the situation is supposed to be funny, it should be self evident, and should no require some additional cue. Conversely, if something is not funny, the laugh track sounds forced, and it creates a really unpleasant viewing experience for me.

                  • laumars 70 days ago

                    In fairness, often “laugh tracks” are actually live studio audiences (eg Big Bang Theory) and much like how live concert recordings (where you can hear the crowd) are sometimes great when it’s a good concert, hearing the studio audience can improve you’re experience of a genuinely funny TV show. The problem is when it’s artificially added or you hear it on a show you don’t find funny; then it goes from being a subtle improvement to a massively jarring distraction.

                    However given how jarring it is when you don’t find something funny compared with how little it adds to the overall comedy, I can totally understand why people often hate hearing laughter in shows.

                    • _asummers 70 days ago

                      My understanding of the live studio audiences is that they prompt the laughter. Is that correct? If so, the audience laughing at the jokes is just an illusion, even if genuine.

                      • laumars 70 days ago

                        Depends on the show. Some do but some don't. However even ones without a laughter prompt will usually have a compere / warm up acts who will whip the audience up so they're already laughing at jokes before the main show begins recording.

                    • Angostura 70 days ago

                      I remember the shock of first visiting the US and seeing MASH with a laugh track. Ironically it suck all the humour out of it.

                      • menacingly 70 days ago

                        I think everyone amused by this gets all that, then pushes past it into campy enjoyment

                      • lolc 70 days ago

                        Haha yes, voluntary torture by free choice! Good stuff.

                        Excellent prank extension too.

                      • dersoi 70 days ago

                        I used it on the annus horribilis speech, and now I feel bad...

                        • charliesharding 70 days ago

                          I know it was just posted but 0 reviews and it being able to "read and change all your data on websites you visit" is a bit much

                        • Jhndb 70 days ago

                          Pretty cool, how does it work?

                          • fjallstrom 70 days ago

                            it just listens for silence and cues some audio files in the background. it works most of the time, but could definately be improved.

                          • onion-soup 70 days ago

                            why? can we let laugh track die off in peace? it belongs to museum of cinematography.