• wilde 187 days ago

    Or was the program of forced updates effective enough that it forced hackers to rely on zero days?

    • AstralStorm 186 days ago

      VM Host Guard and wide enabled NX and ASLR make it somewhat trickier to exploit many kernel level bugs with results better than a crash.

      Driver model changes helped some too.

    • kingofhdds 187 days ago

      Softpedia ironically proves their story doesn't make any sense.

      Microsoft’s Security Response Center revealed that most of the cyber-attacks aimed at Windows computers aren’t based on patched exploits, but on zero days.

      Apparently it's hard to base your attack on an exploit which no longer works because relevant vulnerability is addressed by an installed patch. Journo behind the story believes it means patches are useless. This is, to put mildly, a very unorthodox logic.

      • 0x70dd 187 days ago

        Effective or not, forced updates give me a headache every time I have to use Windows. At this point I avoid it as much as I can, because I'm stuck in this very weird vicious circle where updates fail for whatever reason and then they have to be rolled back. I cannot finish a what would be a simple 5 minute task, but I'm forced to stare at my unusable computer for 1 hour. What a waste of time!

        • MrMember 187 days ago

          I always appreciate when I leave something open on my computer and step away for ten minutes to come back and see it restarted and installing updates. Not like I was in the middle of something or anything. It's really pushing me to switch completely to Linux.

        • skywhopper 187 days ago

          Ummm, this headline makes no sense. They found a correlation between the rollout of forced patching and a decrease in exploits of patched vulnerabilities. This is the same logic that leads people to avoid measles vaccines because measles incidence dropped dramatically once everyone started getting the measles vaccine.

          • 21 187 days ago

            This argument is like saying that "vaccines are not necessary because as we can see, few people get infected"