Show HN: Ahoy – Twitter for Your Neighbourhood


5 points | by serious-sam 194 days ago


  • verdverm 193 days ago

    Add a geo input, not giving location access to any apps these days. Far too much abuse by the general app market to let anything have access at this point

    • vasanthv 193 days ago

      That would defeat the purpose of the whole hyperlocal apps.

    • verdverm 193 days ago

      How will you prevent the YikYak outcome (devolving into horrible, anonymous comments)

      • vasanthv 193 days ago

        I don't think we can prevent horrible anonymous comments. Thats the truth.

        Even Twitter & Facebook are fighting this even though they are not anonymous apps.

      • smartis2812 194 days ago

        Amazing Idea!

        Love it, but how can i increase my radius?

        • serious-sam 194 days ago

          You can click on the radius (number) in top text. It is an editable field.