Show HN: Yogi, Document Clustering as a Service


17 points | by vrk7bp 186 days ago


  • jatsign 186 days ago

    What's an example of a business that would want to do this, and why? It looks interesting, but I fear the landing page is too geared towards saying what it does, but not telling a potential user why they'd want to do it.

    • vrk7bp 186 days ago

      Great question, and one we're still juggling with :) We have some management consulting firms that use the clustering results as part of the analysis they do for clients, and some brands that have used it to better understand what people are asking them on their customer support tasks.

      I guess this is one of the difficulties that comes with NLP, since it can be applicable across a wide range of use cases.

    • ReedJessen 186 days ago

      Very interested to see the direction this all goes. Good luck.