Trump declares emergency over IT threats


44 points | by bartimus 9 days ago


  • rahuldottech 9 days ago
    <p>It would do good to remember that while the US has a valid concern that the Chinese govt could force Huawei to spy on US telecoms, the US has laws in place that allow it to do the exact same when it comes to equipment from the US being used in other countries.
    • devoply 9 days ago
      <p>That&#x27;s the point. If a murderer tells you that she&#x27;s worried about other murderers killing people, you should listen to her and not call her a hypocrite. She may be an expert on the subject, and in a very good position to tell you something useful. I was all for giving China benefit of doubt, and peaceful rise, and all of that. But the turn of abrupt face made me change my position. Now I am for containing China before it becomes the next USSR, absorbing countries and putting people in gulags.
      • ASalazarMX 8 days ago
        <p>&gt; If a murderer tells you that she&#x27;s worried about other murderers killing people, you should listen to her and not call her a hypocrite.<p>OH, I see! Your whistleblower murderer is worried of other murderers murdering you while actively trying to murder everyone else including the potential murderers, right?
        • dragonwriter 8 days ago
          <p>&gt; I was all for giving China benefit of doubt, and peaceful rise, and all of that.<p>The PRCs rise wasn&#x27;t peaceful.
        • casefields 9 days ago
          <p>In the US there are courts I can go to, and the government can get a smackdown and cease its unlawful conduct. Can you show the same for Chinese courts rebuking their government?
          • Dystopian 9 days ago
            <p>&quot;In 2017, according to a report by the director of national intelligence, the government obtained 534 million phone records from telephone companies&quot;[1]... I wouldn&#x27;t quite say they were smacked down in terms of mass metadata surveillance. They literally shut it down cause they couldn&#x27;t make the data useful.<p>[1] <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;opinion&#x2F;editorials&#x2F;la-ed-nsa-phonerecords-20190515-story.html" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;opinion&#x2F;editorials&#x2F;la-ed-nsa-phonere...</a>
            • everdrive 8 days ago
              <p>Are phone records the same as access to telco routers and infrastructure?
          • KorematsuFred 9 days ago
            <p>Hey USA is obviously a responsible state that will not abuse its power, our government officials never lie to public, we fiercely protect whistle-blowers who report illegal spying and we have never destroyed other countries over allegations.<p>China being an asian country is no where close to our virtue. &#x2F;sarcasm
          • octokatt 8 days ago
            <p>So... I’m not sure, but doesn’t this mean a lot more waters will get muddied from the tech follow-up and more evidence for collusion with Russia (in particular Wikileaks) will have a greater likelihood of accidentally being destroyed?
            • magwa101 9 days ago
              <p>Finally. The whole &quot;we do it too&quot; is a matter of degree. We have an &quot;approximate&quot; democracy. There is infinitely more transparency in our totally fucked system vs the CCP totally fucked system.
              • SpikeDad 9 days ago
                <p>And Ajit Pai wastes no time licking Trumps boots endorsing this. Frankly if he thinks it&#x27;s a good idea I&#x27;m already suspicious.<p>Now if they were going to redirect the money they&#x27;re wasting on the Mexican wall and the Space Command to strengthen the US cyber security groups as well as the CIA and NSA (legally of course) then that might be a plan that makes sense.<p>Nope. They&#x27;re still going to waste
                • Waterluvian 9 days ago
                  <p>Unlike, say, the Supreme Court, Pai is a servant of the government. Trump is his boss and no matter how much he disagrees, his responsibility is to execute what the government sets forth.
                  • cyber-security 9 days ago
                    <p>Honestly &quot;cyber security&quot; is a joke beneath the intellect of retarded children. Most of the technology the internet uses is insecure by design. The world chases its tail as speculative execution backdoors the planet, and bit twiddling by row hammer, overflow, MitM or escalation leaves RAM, disk and network traffic prone to pretty much anyone taking the initiative to twiddle.<p>Ordinary people are scared of their own shadow because the doors and windows are as drafty as an eleventh century arrow slit. We just waltz around downloading shit and running whatever the fuck. Security for regular people is actively prevented and disrupted. People are discouraged from encrypting their hard drives, their email. Police clone phones and confiscate devices on a whim. So, whatever you&#x27;re on about is a laugh.<p>I also fail to see how investing in space programs might be a bad idea.