• dang 98 days ago

    Comments moved to https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20169191, which was posted earlier and is also the original report.

    • Rafuino 98 days ago

      This is the actual report from Defense News. Why not link directly to it?


      • malux85 98 days ago

        Because there's like 674 ads on the linked page (if you're not running ad blocker)

        • Rafuino 98 days ago

          The article OP linked to has 24 trackers blocked by uBlock Origin, where the original source has 8 trackers blocked. Either way, get an ad blocker, I suppose, but we should read the original source wherever possible to support the actual journalism

          • red_phone 98 days ago

            Reading the original source with an ad blocker installed may not be providing as much support as you imagine.

            • malux85 98 days ago

              I have an ad blocker, I turned it off to see the predicted mess underneath.

              And yes, 674 was an exaggeration, it's called hyperbole

              • randcraw 98 days ago

                Using Perfect Web Browser on iPad (the best ad blocker I know for iOS), the site blocks my access completely. So the number of web-malignancies on the site may as well be infinite.