• kazinator 102 days ago

    > Windows

    > No, wait. really ???

    Dev should check out https://www.kylheku.com/cygnal

    If you can compile this for Cygwin, you can deploy it as a native Windows application with Cygnal's fork of cygwin1.dll (plus other needed DLL's from Cygwin).

    Console support is fine; even programs that use termios and ANSI codes directly work in a Windows console (like out of cmd.exe).

    That was one of the primary motivations for Cygnal; I wanted a decent quality Windows port of a programming language with a well-developed REPL: something someone could just install from a regular installer, and then run out of cmd.exe with the same interactive experience as on Unixes.

    • rhardih 102 days ago

      What's this!? No Javascript runtime, no NPM package dependencies. Can software really be built without it?

      I jest of course. This is really cool and nice to see something like this, make the front page of HN for once!

      • hombre_fatal 102 days ago

        Well, the downside is that now I can't be arsed to download/install it (not that it works on my platform). And the repository comes with a lot of build cruft instead of just some src files.

        Trade offs, as usual.

        • dahfizz 102 days ago

          It's one command to download and install the snap. How is that more onerous than pulling in hundreds of packages from npm?

          And having "build cruft" is a feature for most non web devs. It would be trivial to set up a separate repo with all the build tools and configuration, but we want it nearby.

          There's no tradeoffs here, IMO.

          • saghm 102 days ago

            > And the repository comes with a lot of build cruft instead of just some src files.

            Genuine question: what development toolchain lets you make a repo _doesn't_ have a bunch of files for the build process? GP specifically mentioned JavaScript, which I feel has an above-average amount of tooling in projects due to preprocessing the code in various ways being super common.

        • usmannk 102 days ago

          This is awesome! It will be really helpful to me while reversing or doing CTFs. Previously I'd hack shit together in python to do this stuff one-off.

          • badtuple 102 days ago

            Same. This is so much better.

            The number of times I redo the same thing in a repl or with weird scripts saved in /tmp or ~/ is kind of nuts....but generalizing them into something like this takes tons of work. Kudos!

            • cpach 102 days ago

              ”generalizing them into something like this takes tons of work”

              It sure does. I was really impressed when I saw the level of polish in the README. Mad props!

            • stdcall83 102 days ago

              I built it for myself in the office because I noticed i'm launching the desktop calculator too much while developing drivers, and I had to use the mouse for that, phew...

            • mikroskeem 102 days ago

              Finally, a modern application without Electron + big-js-framework bloat... Amazing job! Gets my star :)

              • airstrike 102 days ago

                This is really cool + extra points for the vi/vim keybindings

                • jjoonathan 102 days ago

                  This might just replace the radare2 "?" command for me!

                  • cryptonector 102 days ago


                    • asdfman123 102 days ago

                      > hex calculator in ncurses

                      Okay, you're pretty much asking for the wrath of God here. Bonus points if you can compile it down to 666 KB.

                    • ircdrone 102 days ago

                      Cool, now put this on your cv and claim you are an open source developer.