Bloomberg’s American Mall game (2018)


58 points | by samclemens 137 days ago


  • bduerst 136 days ago
    • MichaelApproved 135 days ago

      Doesn't seem to work with Safari on an iPhone. I couldn't get past the party after I selected my character.

      Anyone have luck with it?

      • rypskar 135 days ago

        I got some js errors on Firefox on Windows, but was able to continue. My experience is that Safari is stricter with errors on the page. It seems to be made using phaser, so should in theory not be a problem with Safari

        • kalleboo 135 days ago

          It's working fine for me on Mac Safari, so might be something on mobile?

      • esotericn 135 days ago

        After selecting a character I get a big gray box where I assume the actual playfield is supposed to be.

        • unixhero 136 days ago

          It's pretty fun:)

        • throwaway66920 135 days ago

          An ML bot could probably keep this mall alive indefinitely.