WxErlang: Getting_started [pdf]


40 points | by brudgers 136 days ago


  • mikhailfranco 135 days ago

    I think most people today would use a web front-end to Erlang/Elixir, with events over websockets (cowboy), using WebGL in the browser, with either server-side rendering (Phoenix LiveView) or client-side JS integration (pick your poison).


    These ideas were first proposed by ... joearms, of course, way back in 2009.


    RIP Joe

    • brudgers 133 days ago

      Because WxErlang is distributed as an OTP application with the current OTP package, it's dependency implications are different. Not necessarily better or worse, just different.

    • arnon 136 days ago

      Where was this in 2014 when I wasted two months on doing the most basic WX things?

      • jjjbokma 135 days ago

        There was a Python book on Wx back then if I am correct. At least that was what I used when writing a WxPerl program, a few years ago.