Married co-founders are a startup’s secret weapon


18 points | by ajaviaad 8 days ago


  • ed 8 days ago

    Meh. It’s frustrating to see this presented as generalized advice.

    In my experience, startups, when you’re truly dedicated, don’t leave much time for other things in your life.

    If you have a partner who’s willing to join you in that experience, or to support you (often at the expense of their own emotional needs), that’s cool, but every couple’s experience will be unique.

    • User23 8 days ago

      A recent post here had a good example of this dynamic[1].


      • stallmanite 8 days ago

        The secret behind WeWork’s success?

        • mantap 8 days ago

          My outside perception of marriage in US is that there is little stigma against divorce, it's almost expected in certain situations (such as one partner is unfaithful). If I was an investor I would not invest in such a startup.

          • ailideex 8 days ago

            The only time I ever saw this it was a dumpster fire. Don't mix family, friends and business. Sure you can get lucky but if you don't get lucky, which you most likely won't, you are screwed.

            • ja27 7 days ago

              Yeah when you come to resent your cofounder because they aren’t pulling their weight... it’s rough.