• LatteLazy 7 days ago

    The crazy thing about anaesthetics is that we have no idea how most of them work.

    Xenon is an anaesthetic, but it's a noble gas and shouldn't be reacting with anything in the body. How does that work?

    Chloroform has been available and known about for 150 years, we only have a possible process for it to work.

    Laughing gas works by doing something to ions in nerves. Or rather by doing loads of things to different ions one of which might be the thing we are looking for. So the exact mechanism is "not fully know".

    People with ginger hair take about 20% more anesthetic to actually block pain. That's both for local and general anesthetics.

    Im always amazed people don't see this as a huge hole in medicine and biochem etc.

    • silicaroach 7 days ago

      This article says it all about biological research. The brain is a network and yet a big deal here is how the researchers recorded several areas of the brain simultaneously. Really?! Such an obvious thing is considered 'original'. And then, "None of this helps much with the big questions around what consciousness is on a more philosophical level, and of course drawing conclusions about our own species based on non-human models is also problematic." Yes. Biology is not a science. Ugh

      • ivan_ah 7 days ago