Mapping Anything with BSicons


80 points | by zetter 149 days ago


  • shakna 148 days ago

    As every BSicon has a specific purpose, especially some of the rarer ones, I wonder how difficult it would be to encode that information into a simulation?

    There's a couple of train simulators I enjoy playing with on my downtime, and this seems like it might be an easier path towards making a highly complicated engine for something like that.

    • l9k8j7h6 148 days ago

      The BSicons are similar to the network tiles used in SimCity 4. The main work of transit modders there (Network Addon Mod) is to create additional tiles for different types of transit intersections.

      It would be very interesting to see one of the OSS city builders pick up BSicons as a subset of their schema.

    • ape4 148 days ago

      The code doesn't look so pretty. I was hoping for something more semantic. First layout the tracks, then the location of the stations (on the track), then characteristics of each station, etc.