Lilith and the Draconcopes


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  • olivierestsage 148 days ago

    If anyone is interested in delving more into this topic, the most authoritative (and surprisingly quite readable) treatment is "Lilith: Die Erste Eva: Eine Studie uber dunkle Aspekte des Weiblichen" by Siegmund Hurwitz (one of Carl Jung's students), translated into English as "Lilith the First Eve: Historical and Psychological Aspects of the Dark Feminine."

    • teekert 148 days ago

      I loved this podcast/audio-play about Lilith [0], from J. Daniel Sawyer [1]. Apparently he also wrote a book about the story [2]. I love everything he made so far, so probably good ;)




      • 082349872349872 148 days ago

        TIL the snake in the Avedon photo had been Kinski's idea:

        • ganzuul 148 days ago

          This is a very long article on a religious/mythological subject, and I am not sure why Hacker News needs to read it.

          A summary would be much appreciated.

          • abdulhaq 148 days ago

            There is no being called "Hacker News" and no-one is saying that "Hacker News" _should_ read it. If enough individuals like it and are interested by it, it will be voted up and more can read it. If you don't want to read it, then don't. Simples.

            • perceptronas 148 days ago

              To be fair, its now that long. It is <2500 words, similar size to common news article. As for religious/myth subject - if its interesting what's the issue?

              • ganzuul 148 days ago

                There are a lot of people writing on the subject and not all have particularly high standards. What sets this apart?

                • perceptronas 148 days ago

                  There are people writing on the subject of programming languages/software engineering and not everyone has high standards too. However, everyone can share their different takes and views, discuss issues. If its not interesting for anyone and nobody upvotes - thread will sink to the bottom of HN

              • ThrowawayR2 148 days ago

                From the HN Guidelines (

                "Please don't complain that a submission is inappropriate. If a story is spam or off-topic, flag it. ... If you flag, please don't also comment that you did."

                • ganzuul 148 days ago

                  I asked for a summary.