Ask HN: What are the best sites in 2020 to post articles about programming?

8 points | by h302 35 days ago


  • semicolonandson 35 days ago

    IMO the best place is whatever subreddit best describes that exact topic. I've found technical subreddits to be welcoming of thoughtful, well-written articles (in contrast to much of the rest of reddit which tends to frown upon self-promotion). I've gotten thousands of referrals back to my site on numerous occasions.

    Somewhere that's often hyped but is _not_ any good is I carried out an experiment with posting a series of articles there and counted how many referrals I got back to my website. Average like 5 per article. Not worth the time to submit. Avoid.

    • kkirsche 35 days ago usually has good content to read. I haven’t gotten an invite though for an account

      • asicsp 34 days ago

        In case you didn't know, read "Invitation Tree" section from

        >The quickest way to receive an invitation is to talk to someone you recognize from the site or request one in chat ( If you wrote a link that was posted, definitely contact someone for an invite, we'd love to have you in the discussion.

        I requested an invite on #lobsters and a member responded via dm to verify my profile (GitHub/twitter/etc) and then sent an email with the invitation. Best time would be during the US work hours, since the channel is more active during that time.