Ask HN: Are there any messaging apps supporting Markdown?

19 points | by 5986043handy 35 days ago


  • westurner 34 days ago

    Mattermost supports CommonMark Markdown:

    Zulip supports ~CommonMark Markdown:

    Reddit supports Markdown.

    Discourse now supports CommonMark Markdown.

    GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab and Gogs/Gitea support Markdown.

    • aciswhat 34 days ago

      I wouldn't consider Discourse/Reddit/Github/etc. to be a messaging app per se, even if some of those have messaging functionality between users...

      • westurner 34 days ago

        I digress on the category definition. Public messaging (without PM or DM features) is still messaging; and often far more useful than trying to forward 1:1 messages in order to bring additional participants onboard.

        It's worth noting that GH/BB/GL have all foregone PM features; probably for the better in terms of productivity: messaging @all is likely more productive.

    • walterbell 34 days ago

      Wire supports a subset of markdown syntax,

      You can register for a free personal account with only an email, no requirement for phone number or contacts upload.

      • shakna 34 days ago

        Riot seems to support a subset of Markdown. You should be able to use any Matrix client you feel like.

        • ta17711771 34 days ago

          And their encryption is audited!

          riot-desktop and Riot Android are solid.

          RiotX on Android quickly catching up, has very modern UI, but no room management/calls yet.

          People seem to love FluffyChat.

          Don't waste your time with Fractal.

          • oehtXRwMkIs 34 days ago

            RiotX is really nice. I wish the other clients would catch up in terms of UI/UX which I hear is getting a big update soon.

        • winrid 34 days ago

          To respond to OP:

          Related discussion: I've built FastComments to be "realtime" and support markdown. Been thinking of reusing the infrastructure to launch a little chat app, but not sure what the killer feature would be aside from being lightweight...

          Edited to add Volt link.

          • Jugurtha 34 days ago

            WhatsApp supports italic, bold, strikethrough, and monospace using backticks you could use for source code, though no syntax highlighting[1].


            • wooptoo 34 days ago

              Telegram has some support. I believe it's an incomplete implementation.

              • saurik 34 days ago

                WhatsApp isn't "markdown", but supports code blocks using triple backquote (and uses underscore for italics and star for bold, which I think is a lot better than markdown anyway).

                • scrollaway 34 days ago

                  Discord works great, lighter than slack.