Elvis in the Box


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  • ggm 4 days ago

    Contrast: Cartier Bresson's candid shots of Gandhi's funeral pyre. When? 1948. Just as prurient?

    • steve76 4 days ago

      No celebrity is ever faded. Elvis with a stripped down act, think Bruce Springsteen as song writer, with the studio improvements of the 80s, think the Wilburys and MTV, would have been a sight to behold. It would have likely smoothed over some really rough times back then. Got rid of all this cynicism. It's easy to bounce back. Two months, that's about all it takes.

      It's wrong to think death sells. You can do the same thing making something. A lot of the publicity is bought because you no longer have to pay the guy.

      And they don't die because of the culmination of a bad life. Everyone makes bad decisions, and in the spotlight they are amplified. Usually they get clean, then feel good, and someone from the old days ODs them. The world lost Morrison in Paris and Hendrix as the "H" in ELP the same way. As you get older you get fragile quick. No longer growing.

      Morbid article especially after the tragic suicide of his grandson. The mature decision is to cheer for the success of others and never relish in failure. At some level we are all on the same team and another's demise is your own.