Show HN: Scroll – A New Way to Publish


26 points | by breck 7 days ago


  • vlucas 6 days ago
    This looks neat. It's a great presentation, but it's terrible for SEO. People will still need that content on individual URLs. Does this support that?
    • breck 6 days ago
      Scroll does not support that out of the gate. But there is a dead simple "API" (a Scroll is just a folder with a plain text dumbdown file per article). So someone could certainly write some code to generate single pages, in addition to the one scroll page.

      I may do a startup around offering higher level professional services for Scroll users.

    • coolgeek 5 days ago
      One of these days I'm going to have some time to really dig in to this whole tree notation idea
      • breck 5 days ago
        You could probably build a good Tree Language for flash cards. (random note: I own the domain b/c I am fascinated by the non-linear effectiveness of spaced repetition. I hired someone to write content for it but haven't touched it in a while. Also stumbled upon this recently,, which I love, particularly this chart:
        • coolgeek 5 days ago
          I don't really have time to engage on this right now. But SRS isn't magic. It's a performance optimization on flashcards.

          If you set aside the particular subjects that I'm targeting right now (programming), what I'm doing could have been done 100 years ago. It should have been done 100 years ago.

          The fact that it wasn't, speaks to the difficulty/challenge of the problem.

      • jschveibinz 6 days ago
        This is great.