Ask HN: Are you experiencing kernel panics on your M1 Mac?

3 points | by starbugs 6 days ago


  • rvz 6 days ago
    I'm not sure, but given that the M1 Macs come with Big Sur as the first OS installed, I would wait a bit until the software has matured a bit.

    By then, I could not only get a newer generation of Macs probably having an M1X or M2 chip, it would probably be running a newer version macOS, with all these issues, bugs and panics fixed and the developer ecosystem also catching up with Apple Silicon based Macs.

    • rayhendricks 6 days ago
      Zero kernel panics with an m1 mini used for fullstack node dev. Great little box with a crazy fast single core speed.
      • sigjuice 5 days ago
        I had a kernel panic on Sunday. It was the second day of owning my M1 MacBook Air. There was barely anything installed on the machine. The panic happened when I was running Firefox. The screen turned a weird color and instantly rebooted.
        • codemusings 6 days ago
          Two things:

          1) Docker images are not virtual machines (see this link:

          2) Maybe the Docker Engine (the service that bootstraps the images) caused the panic?

          • zachberger 5 days ago
            On Mac, a linux VM is run and then containers exist in there.
          • gyf304 6 days ago
            Yes. Mounting WebDAV and creating a directory in it causes immediate kernel panic on M1 Macs. Fun.
            • whichdan 6 days ago
              Data point of 1, but I haven't had any problems with my M1 MBA.
              • TameAntelope 6 days ago
                +1, My M1 Air has been panic-free so far.

                That said, I've tried to keep it as a "dumb browser machine" at the moment (for unrelated reasons), so I haven't pushed it in any meaningful way so far.

                • groundthrower 6 days ago
                  Same here
                • blackcats 5 days ago
                  Yes like 5 times a day, but it boots fast. I usually have vscode, xcode, terminals and a couple of others things open
                  • conception 6 days ago
                    I’ve had a few but not a lot. About as many as I’d expect with new hardware and software.
                    • poletopole 5 days ago
                      Not kernel panics, but the apple music app has been crashing a lot.
                      • zachberger 5 days ago
                        I've had mine since early Dec. No panics for me.
                        • dave_sid 6 days ago
                          Not me