Show HN: MobX-Style Observables in Svelte


8 points | by kewp 6 days ago


  • gedy 6 days ago
    I love Mobx with React and also Svelte, but Svelte already has reactive and derived values?

    Not clear what this solves or improves upon.

    • kewp 5 days ago
      Reactivity, yes - works the same as MobX's autorun. But not derived values. You can ensure something gets updated by wrapping it in $:

      ``` $: value = $x + 2 ```

      but you can do that somewhere else as well

      ``` $: { let y = 20 $value += y } ```

      Makes it insanely hard to track where changes come from. You can't say "this value is _only_ updated by these changes".

      You can do this with derived stores, though. But each store must be it's own, separate value - with MobX's observable you have a central object representing your entire state, each of which is made automatically reactive, and putting in a derived store is just prepending with -get-. It's much cleaner.

    • pier25 6 days ago
      What's the point of this when Svelte already provides reactive primitives?
      • kewp 5 days ago
        Hey. See my answer to the same question below.