• mf_kevintruong 7 days ago
    Hi HN, I already post a show HN for my side project few weeks ago. Today, I am happy to show the project again with many feature which I worked hard to make it.

    - Media card which mean you can embedded photo/audio to the card

    - Cloze Detection allow to create `fill in the blank` card

    - Quiz Practice mode: help to practice quiz better, please reference [1] as an example

    - Schema file which help user can quickly declare deck file in their repository.

    Please check it out and give me some feedback. Thanks

    [1]: https://github.com/Ebazhanov/linkedin-skill-assessments-quiz...

    • opan 7 days ago
      Is this free (as in freedom) software like Anki is? I glanced at the site, but couldn't tell.
      • mf_kevintruong 7 days ago
        Currently, it is free. I still working on find out the right model. I tried with subscribe paid model. But I think It is not a good way. Honestly, I make the site project for fun. But still need some money to maintain the service
      • dejj 7 days ago
        I found https://www.clozemaster.com/ only yesterday, as an alternative to Anki.

        It has lots of languages, lots of prebuilt cards, audio already added, multiple-choice OR free text input, a generous free plan, a lifetime paid plan, a web, Android, and iOS app, and retro appeal.

        • mf_kevintruong 7 days ago
          the clozemaster is about language learning.And look like you can not create your learn resource.

          With the service, you can prepare any kind of knowledge to study yourself or get it from internet, please reference [1]


        • soldehierro 7 days ago
          Is this a Whatsapp bot or something?