Ask HN: 5h-10h per week side gig?

17 points | by ed_balls 6 days ago


  • trykondev 6 days ago
    The company I work for would be a great fit -- we specialize in conducting remote technical interviews as a service. It pays pretty well ($100 USD per 90-minute interview). The work is very flexible and you set your own hours, so it works for people aiming for 5-10 hours a week or people interested in more than that. Although it's not a traditional software development job, the work still requires a significant technical skillset.

    If this is the kind of thing you (or anyone else reading this) might be interested in, send me an email and I would be happy to talk further about it! My email address is in my profile.

    • impjohn 3 days ago
      Hi, I couldn't quite find your email? Mind giving me a pointer?
      • trykondev 2 days ago
        Certainly! My gmail address is trykonstudiosgames
    • mooreds 5 days ago
      Depending on your skills and inclinations:

         * consulting: providing your expertise to others. I have picked up a few gigs doing code evaluations or pocs for people. Helps if you have deep tech skills in a niche and a reputation. You can do this by blogging about it.
         * contracting/moonlighting: writing code for companies who need it. Join a slack and watch the jobs or contracting channels. Email former employers and ask if they know anyone who needs some extra hands.
         * tech writing. My company pays for technical articles. I know others do too. is a kind of a clearing house for technical article writers.
      • sbacic 5 days ago
        I keep hearing about these Slack groups/channels but have no idea where to look. Any suggestions? I mostly deal in front-end stuff.
        • mooreds 5 days ago
          Here's a list of slack groups someone maintains:

          I'd also google "<area you live in> slack" or "<front end technology> slack". You could also look for discords, I hear discord is hot right now and several communities I follow have moved to it from slack.

      • karlhughes 5 days ago
        To piggy back of what @mooreds said, here's a big list of community writing programs that pay software engineers to write blog posts:

        Depending on your expertise and writing skills, they can pay pretty well.

        • muzani 5 days ago
          Teaching in bootcamps, polytechnics, and colleges. The work is steady as they often look for "industry people". I've made several thousand off training professors on the latest practice too.

          A lot of places already have a module to teach but not enough trainers. You can also get a job writing modules but it's as stressful as programming.

          • kulikalov 5 days ago
            Codementor. It's pretty small, but the community and policies are way healthier than, say, on Upwork, where developer are treated badly.
            • fireeyed 6 days ago
              Uber, Doordash, Instacart, Amazon Flex
              • ph4 6 days ago