Ask HN: Where to Go After SF?

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  • hkarthik 3 days ago
    Decide what you want to optimize for. Every option has its trade offs.

    If you're tired of SF proper, but the rest of the Bay Area is fine for you and you still want the best tech jobs in large numbers, move to the Peninsula, East Bay, or San Jose.

    If you want great tech jobs, slightly lower living costs, and don't mind dreary weather, go to Seattle.

    If you want to stay in an urban area with a lot of tech jobs and don't mind high living costs and cold winters, go to NYC.

    If you want amazing weather, very few tech jobs, a great nightlife, but don't mind a high living cost, go to LA.

    If you want hot weather, decent tech jobs, and lower living costs all around, go to Austin.

    There are other options besides these, depending on how much you are willing to trade off having lots of job opportunities, weather, living costs, and other quality of life stuff. Politics and racial diversity may also be pretty different from city to city, so decide how important that is to you.

    • huevosabio 1 day ago
      If you're willing to do remote, Mexico has a very generous residence permitting for foreigners. If you are a foreigner employed abroad by a foreign company you can reside in Mexico and not pay income taxes in Mexico.

      This opens the Mexico City as a fantastic option which is very affordable for someone with a US salary.

      • pryelluw 5 days ago
        Atlanta area. Specifically the north. Housing is still affordable. Good tech community. Cons? Well, it is the south
        • demygale 5 days ago
          Long time resident of Atlanta. As a Southerner I don’t consider “it is the south” to be a con, and I really do enjoy living in Atlanta. I’m here by choice and feel confident I could live in almost any city I wanted.

          I don’t think you’ll find Atlanta a tech hub on par with SF, though there are great jobs here. If you do choose to live here I wouldn’t live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. It’s strip malls and Trumpers. The fascists in the city at least have sense enough not to advertise it with lawn signs. In the suburbs they are proud of it.

          • uvnq 4 days ago
            Sounds pretty disingenuous to imply that people who voted for Trump are 'fascists'.

            Not surprised I got downvoted for this. I think it's disingenuous and unintellectual the way people who have opposing views are characterized as being in one extreme or the other. People with nuanced views on the right are called 'fascists' and people with nuanced views on the left are called 'socialists'.

            Why are we letting these extreme and simplified viewpoints about political "others" have any influence in our culture? Why not shame this tribalist behavior and push it out of our societies so we can have nuance without walking on eggshells? Unfortunate.

            • mapster 3 days ago
              Trumpism isn’t an opposing view. It is vile and anti American
              • uvnq 2 days ago
                So even regular working class people who voted for Trump because they want borders to work the way they do at Disneyland and who are concerned about the way the progressive movement is going are vile and anti American? 0 understanding, and 0 room for nuance.
                • dragonwriter 2 days ago
                  > So even regular working class people who voted for Trump because they want borders to work the way they do at Disneyland

                  “Being born inside doesn’t help you get back in, and pretty much everyone of any race, religion, or national origin can get in as long as they either have a job lined up inside or pay enough based on the time they wish to stay”?

                  I’m pretty sure no one voted for Trump because they want borders to work like they do at Disneyland.

                  • uvnq 2 days ago
                    I was referring to their security.
        • Differential pay notwithstanding, there are plenty of options.

          Indianapolis is not bad, is driving distance to a variety of larger cities and is quite inexpensive. I ended up here by accident but am not motivated to leave, YMMV.

          • taurath 5 days ago
            Seattle Austin Boulder Raleigh Boston NYC are the other tech hubs, with some honorable mentions but less of a “walk across the street” vibe
            • the__alchemist 2 days ago
              Didn't realize Raleigh was a tech hub. There's the Redhat HQ here, Epic's HQ is in nearby Cary, and I think Analog Devices moved in recently.
              • WalterGR 5 days ago
                Add to those Northern Virginia. Lots of US government contractors there.
              • chrispeel 5 days ago
                Move to Detroit, and create your own tech hub.
                • JSeymourATL 4 days ago
                  Tulsa, Oklahoma!

                  Tulsa Remote's $10,000 grant can now be received upfront and applied directly to the purchase of a home.>

                  • askafriend 4 days ago
                    I feel like this question can't be answered without some basics about why kind of lifestyle you're looking for.
                    • IlyaStam 5 days ago
                      Define a “tech hub” ?