How do you do parental controls in 2021?

9 points | by zumafan 4 days ago


  • Cadwhisker 4 days ago
    I have 2x wifi access points; one for the adults and one for the kids. The kids' one is on a mains power timer.

    As for content, that's tough and I don't have an easy answer.

    • qubex 2 days ago
      That’s delightfully brutal and… soviet in design philosophy.
    • runjake 4 days ago
      I run an Eero with Eero Secure because it works well enough and I don’t want to mess around with manual firewall rules and pi-hole porn blocklist’s because that’s what I do all day.

      I’ve tried everything else. NextDNS was another good option but required too much fiddling and client configuration.

      With Eero I just set up device profiles with porn and malware filters and time schedules and I don’t have to touch it.

      • kuz8 4 days ago
        I use:

        Mikrotik router rules for specific IPs shutting down internet at specific times (advanced setup with schedules and firewall rules)

        Android FamilyLink for phones and tablets with set daily limits

        Windows Family for w10 with set daily limits

        Adult accounts are password/pin protected

        • giantg2 2 days ago
          My plan is to password protect things like Netflix, probably add additional site filters to my pihole, have a desktop in a central location for kid use with restricted privileges, no smart phone, etc.