Ask HN: What to learn as a back end developer

9 points | by random_kris 9 days ago


  • ianpurton 9 days ago
    The following skills are worth having and are portable between jobs.

    DevSecOps - Notice the 'Sec' very important. Focus on github actions.

    Kubernetes - Be able to deploy containers you created with your DevSecOps pipeline.

    Infra structure as Code - In particular Pulumi. Works well with Kubernetes.

    Rust - Makes you a better programmer.

    • random_kris 9 days ago
      I am looking for specific resources. I probably cannot just say I will learn rust while others get java certs. But if I show them some option to get rust certification then they would agree.

      Thanks for pointers anyway!

    • apuchitnis 8 days ago
      I'd take a look at this:

      Lots of great content about the basics of system design, should be very helpful for someone new to backend.