• henk23 9 days ago
    Time is limited and precious. Hope this little app will help people gain some perspective and play around with their history.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Code is available at https://github.com/henk23/your-life/

    • becausecurious 9 days ago
      Reminds me of https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mortality-death-cl..., which does the same but on the new tab page in Chrome. The only problem is that one gets adapted to it and stops noticing it.
      • henk23 9 days ago
        What a cool plugin. Didn't know it, thanks :)
      • shanecleveland 9 days ago
        I'm going for a similar visualization with my "year-in-pixels" project aimed primarily at spotting trends in mood and/or health symptoms, but I wanted it to be adaptable. Hence the name: https://howsyourblank.com
        • henk23 8 days ago
          That actually looks really cool and mature. Since when have you been working on it?

          What technology did you use?

        • the2ndfloorguy 8 days ago
          Seems good but I am constantly getting "Error saving to local storage. Can't read property setItem of null".
          • henk23 5 days ago
            Mhh, that's unfortunate. Either you have cookies disabled or you're using a browser that doesn't support localStorage. The app needs it because otherwise all is lost when you close the tab.