Asn HN: Does “People Also Search For” feature on Google annoy you?

5 points | by behnamoh 9 days ago


  • Micoloth 6 days ago
    Actually no, i think it’s great.

    You can argue about the UI or why it’s called “people also search for” instead of just “related entities”, but as a feature, for me it greatly enhance the discoverability aspect of browsing Google (and hence the internet), i use it all the time to explore new topics and i’ve at times found really useful info there!

    So this is my opinion of course, based on my use case.

    • mattmanser 5 days ago
      Yes, it's horrendous, especially the slight delay before it pops up, so you are already navigating to click a link and then it moves.

      I just use the ublock thing too.

      • muzani 5 days ago
        I like it. Often I don't know the name of the thing I'm searching for.
        • ADuckOnQuack 9 days ago
          I recently stumbled across this custom uBlock filter from another HN commenter, if you use uBlock origin this filter completely removes that annoying “feature” on google.