Soggi's BIOS and Firmware Page (2020)


78 points | by Lammy 9 days ago


  • someperson 8 days ago
    Full support to those who meticulously archive firmware when the original vendor didn't bother.

    Reminds me of Linfox Domain's archive of firmware for Nintendo DS Flashcards: (still online after more than a decade!)

    • OakNinja 8 days ago
      Wow, this is gold! I have two of those flash cards. DS development is a memorable experience.
    • ivolimmen 8 days ago
      Opening this link it tells me I can not access the page because I have "a malicious browser". I am using Firefox...
      • I just accessed the linked page without any issue, using the latest Firefox... Are you using an old version?
        • segfaultbuserr 8 days ago
          I was able to visit it with a proxy, so it's also an IP ban. Must be operated by an aggressive sysadmin that bans large IP blocks.
          • larsjohan 8 days ago
            It's probably the DiffBot mitigations that causes it.
            • morganvachon 8 days ago
              A bit off topic but that article -- as well as the rest of the site -- is absolutely gorgeous. The smart use of context-specific text colors such as green for section headers, red for emphasis, white-on-blue for code blocks, and (my favorite example) orange for external links vs yellow for internal links; the highly readable but nevertheless classic console font; the razor sharp lines/boxes; and the jet-black background come together to make it feel like I'm reading a BBS in high school in 1992. One of the reasons I really like i3wm is this particular aesthetic, combining modern content with authentic retro design.
            • seszett 8 days ago
              I get the "malicious browser" message from my office connection, not from my home connection (using the same browser, just a different proxy).

              My office connection is a business OVH fiber, and it's quite often banned, or subject to additional captchas and other annoyances, I assume because some admins see "OVH" and assume it's a bot.

            • alyandon 8 days ago
              Same here on Firefox 90.
            • jakobdabo 8 days ago
              They have a "guestbook"! This website is so 2000s with its looks and feels and HTML 4.01, I love it.