• matagus 8 days ago
    The tech world is going back to work, but it's not going back to normal. There are new ways of working, new tools, new skills, new regulations — and newly empowered employees. It's a whole new world of work, and Protocol | Workplace will be your guide to navigating it all.

    Our Focus Areas:

    * Leading the new workplace: Recruiting, retention, productivity, morale and even offices look different in the new world of work. We’ll explain how leading tech companies are managing through the changes.

    * DEI and labor: Boosting diversity, equity, and inclusion is one of the most important challenges facing tech companies. We’ll dive into how tech is doing on both DEI and labor issues: the most innovative and productive programs, the best tools, and the examples you should — and shouldn’t — be following.

    * New tools for working better: From the productivity apps employees use to do their jobs to the HR software companies use to pay and support them, we’ll keep you ahead on what’s next — and how best to use it.

    * Workplace politics: We’ll report on how new regulations — from immigration policies to health and safety rules to tax and labor laws — affect how companies run.

    * Preparing for the future: We’ll dig into the latest thinking and ideas about how work itself is changing, and how companies can make sure they’re hiring, training and reskilling the right people the right way.