• chris140957 11 days ago
    Hi, I just launched Launchy.xyz. Its an automated service that auto submits your startup to up to 80 startup directories, giving your startup exposure, early traction and saving you a LOT of time vs manual submission.

    After submission, you can monitor your listings from one central dashboard, making it easy to keep an eye on everything.

    Thanks for looking,


    • nenadg 10 days ago
      Nice work!

      One question - if I preorder basic plan, can I switch to more advanced plans later?

      • chris140957 10 days ago
        Yep sure - you can upgrade at the pre-order rate.

        E.g. if you pre order the basic package at $49 but later upgrade to the complete plan, the additional cost would just be $26

    • prattcmp 9 days ago
      This sounds too good to be true! Nice work :)