Ask HN: Why can't we save the people we love?

4 points | by saadalem 13 days ago


  • Jensson 13 days ago
    If it was easy to fix they probably wouldn't need saving. Chances are others have already tried and failed, or even they themselves tried and gave up. Sometimes you can do something, but most of the time the best you can do is accept it and treat them like normal to ensure they know they have something to come back to. Sometimes all they need is for you to be a stable cliff they can use to climb back up, and you trying to move and help them just makes them fall back down.
    • derbOac 13 days ago
      There are some things you can do and some things you can't. I suspect often the things that can be done are in the hands of others.
      • giantg2 13 days ago
        Can you post a synopsis of the video? I'm lazy and don't want to watch 25 minutes of something I'm not even sure what it is.
        • yuuu 13 days ago
          I skipped around and it was a bunch of movie clips. No thanks.
          • giantg2 12 days ago
            Yeah, I tried skipping around and was totally lost.
          • saadalem 12 days ago
            just an open question that's the 2nd reason why i didn't want to submit it as a video