• klowin 7 days ago
    Here is the original Folders esolang: https://danieltemkin.com/Esolangs/Folders/
    • awb 5 days ago
      > Folders is a Windows language. In Windows, folders are entirely free in terms of disk space!

      They can’t be entirely free, can they? Doesn’t the structure have to be persisted on disk somewhere?

      • silviot 5 days ago
        The metadata for the file do take space on the disk, but are never taken into account when mentioning the file size.

        > All Folders programs are 0 bytes if you're on windows as it interprets an empty folder as 0 bytes.

        > The ultimate code golf!

        In code golf competition the shortest program (in bytes) wins. I don't think anyone ever included there the bytes taken by the metadata of the files, so in theory any solution implemented in this language is the best possible: 0 bytes.

        • rileymat2 5 days ago
          This reminds me of back in high school in the late nineties where we had a disk quota and I created a Word Macro to create empty folders on the network share in the computer lab.

          Although it it did not count against my quota, it certainly was not free :)

          • marcan_42 5 days ago
            All folders use at least 1024 bytes of MFT space on NTFS. More if they have lots of subfolders/files. The UI just doesn't account for it properly.
            • tentacleuno 5 days ago
              It seems to be a common misconception. When you right click an empty folder in Windows Explorer, it says the size is 0KB.
              • bmm6o 5 days ago
                If that means 0 kb in terms of sectors allocated, I would believe it. But the name has to be stored somewhere, right? It's just that the dialog doesn't account for that (and the acl, I'd guess).

                Or am i missing that this is a joke?

                • marcan_42 5 days ago
                  They only count file sizes. The folders still take up space, it's just not accounted for properly.
                  • awb 5 days ago
                    Maybe it displays 0kb because an empty folder is only a few bytes?
                    • sva_ 5 days ago
                      I think NTFS stores the names in a block at the beginning of the partition, with a reference to another block in the back which holds the contents. And it only reads those contents for size.
            • baaym 5 days ago
              I'm going to guess that git is not your VCS of choice for this language
              • Siira 5 days ago
                “Linter Warning: .keep file not included at /…/“
                • itslennysfault 5 days ago
                  The sample programs all have ".keep" all over so I guess they made it work.
                  • nsxwolf 5 days ago
                    Perforce seems ideal.
                  • Karellen 5 days ago
                    The type of expression is determined by the number of subfolders in a folder?

                    That seems like the brainfuck equivalent of this idea. I was thinking that you'd create a tree of folders to represent the abstract syntax tree of the program, with folder names being the actual syntactic elements/atoms of the program.

                    • tonyg 6 days ago
                      • chubot 6 days ago
                        The best way to generate code in this language is with a shell script :)
                        • can16358p 6 days ago
                          Coming next: a Vscode compiler/transpiler extension that converts JavaScript to mkdir commands.
                          • tmountain 6 days ago
                            Probably Turing Complete. Good enough for me.
                            • badrabbit 5 days ago
                              Imagine writing malware with this!
                              • savant_penguin 5 days ago
                                So, what would a quine look like
                                • I'm disappointed that it is not using inode ordering
                                  • klyrs 6 days ago
                                    The perfect language for Plan9
                                    • awinter-py 5 days ago
                                      already exists it's called terraform modules
                                      • mrlonglong 5 days ago
                                        • ape4 6 days ago
                                          Finally ;)
                                          • togaen 6 days ago