I've built an alternative for Heroku on AWS

34 points | by kamrani 10 days ago


  • sergiotapia 9 days ago
    Congrats on launching soon!

    Have you considered just absorbing the AWS bits yourself and not worrying your users with it?

    We use Render because we have zero interest in devops and especially zero interest in AWS. Perhaps the customers you are targeting are also looking to leave AWS behind and not worry about that stuff.

    • kamrani 9 days ago
      Thanks! Absolutely, that's exactly the idea.

      AWS offers a lot of flexibility, it's a lot cheaper than PaaS providers like Heroku and even Render and it provides massive discounts specially to startups or if you pay upfront.

      However, it's complicated and time consuming and I want to help teams to just focus on building the product rather than dealing with all the headaches of infrastructure set up.

    • erika22 4 days ago
      That’s interesting! If you need help with your Front-End development, I highly suggest this no-code Frontlyapp which is so cool because it helps me to be more efficient and scale faster. Check the demo apps here: https://www.frontlyapp.com/?r=hn
      • jasfi 10 days ago
        This looks promising. Easy setup of email with postfix would be a great addition.
        • kamrani 9 days ago
          Interesting, never thought about it. Doesn't SES work for you in case I provide that?
      • bin_bash 10 days ago
        Why should I use this instead of Dokku?
        • kamrani 9 days ago
          Great question. While some people might actually want to use Dokku for real project, there are fundamental flaws in it.

          Firstly, you start with setting up Dokku and maintaining it while the whole idea was that you didn't want to deal with that sort of headache.

          The other point is that the UI is very primitive and the UX goals are different from the ones I've followed.

          Finally, what's the point to run Dokku when I charge you around the cost of the server you want to run your Dokku on? (That's the starter plan and it costs more for the plans with more advanced - mainly security and compliance related features)

        • test6554 10 days ago
          This is so humbling. So many skills I'm just beginning to learn in the next couple months are all just automated here with a nice looking UI on top.
          • kamrani 9 days ago
            Appreciate your feedback.

            I think in a few years the demand will move from cloud operator role towards cloud/solution architect role.

            No one really enjoys from dealing with the infrastructure that should just work. The main added value will be in orchestrating these tools which are easy to set up and building great solutions from them rather than dealing with unnecessary details.

          • jaggs 9 days ago
            Nice. Unfortunately your site is broken on mobile.
            • kamrani 7 days ago
              Thanks for the feedback. I'll fix it ASAP.