• johncoltrane 14 days ago
    1. Muscle memory has nothing to do with "mastering" Vim.

    2. The chapters only cover basic features so the "mastering" claim is extremely overblown.

    3. The meanings of j and k are inverted right from the sample exercise. This doesn't inspire much confidence.

    If you _really_ want to learn Vim, forget all about that $25 nonsense and do it properly with :help user-manual.

    • snookerdooker 14 days ago
      I know this is also an option in vim itself.

      However, If I can just move the cursor around in the exercise on the homepage, even though it specifies that you'd have to 'j', and 'k', what is the point?

      The value of vim, especially for navigation, is not requiring the mouse for navigating around a document.

      • Silica6149 14 days ago
        Thanks for checking it out! That is definitely a valid point, it would lead learners to develop their skills faster. Another example would be only allowing hjkl movement and disabling arrow keys.

        Disabling mouse selection in the editor might be too restrictive, because I want learners to find what works for them. As it is, I can only expect the learner to practice with good faith along with the lessons.

        However I could also add an option to turn on a more restrictive practicing environment (only limit to certain commands, no mouse usage, etc.)

        Let me know any other improvements I can make!

      • rg111 14 days ago
        Related: The Primeagen (Netflix Engg. + Streamer) has a nice resurce [0] for getting started with vim with detailed instruction.

        [0]: https://theprimeagen.github.io/vim-fundamentals/

        • Silica6149 14 days ago
          I love The Primeagen! His humor on his yt channel appeals to me :3
        • dprophecyguy 14 days ago
          Hey man any coupons for developers from India?
          • Silica6149 14 days ago
            Hmm I actually had not considered this before, thank you for bringing this up. I'll be looking into how to implement purchasing power parity. Let me know if you wanted any more features
            • Silica6149 14 days ago
              Send me an email at infinitecodemonkey@gmail.com and I'll send you a coupon!
            • FL33TW00D 14 days ago
              Super slick.

              Exercise on the homepage is v well presented.

              • Silica6149 14 days ago
                Thanks! Let me know if there's anything I can improve or features you'd like to see