Ask HN: Is there a GitHub analog for electronics?

18 points | by eimrine 13 days ago


  • HeyLaughingBoy 13 days ago
    Yes, github.

    I use github for embedded projects: code, schematics, PCB artwork, drawings, etc. Haven't found it limiting in any way.

    What else are you looking for?

    • eimrine 12 days ago
      > What else are you looking for?

      Imagine I have few kilograms of resistors, capacitors, transistors etc and I want to make an amplifier of sound frequencies. How to see on GitHub all 1-channel amps of class A, having 5-15W of output power, using no more items than I have or can buy in my town, and no SMD, and having a PCB layout for saving my time, and not having a power supply on that layout?

      This is an example of my typical real goal and I can achieve this kind of goals in old fashioned way: using paper journals like "Radio" (a famous Soviet journal on electronics) or websites like (not an advertisement, those are real sources of schematics which I use in my hobby electronics projects) but this approach has a serious problem - these designs has been curated by "benevolent dictators", and I can not edit those for public even if I am sure there is some better ways to achieve same results. Also those resources might have minor problems like missing images from other websites which may be crucial for building this or that schematics.

      Also your question has a second answer - I am not that big fun of electronics and those resources more than fullfill my beginner asks of making electronic devices but I have a hobby research project on VCS for general purposes so I am interested to see more of different approaches.

    • simne 13 days ago
      Electronics design is too broad for such thing.

      So it divided to at least three directions:

      1. cases and integrated systems, like smart home - thingiverse and other creators sites.

      2. boards - electronics sites, in many cases connected to hobby magazines, or hobby clubs. And designs stored in ordinary libraries in paper.

      3. hdl - opencores, and few others. Only direction, from 3, near perfectly suited for git format.

      • bsilvereagle 13 days ago
        Upverter was gaining traction but there were regressions after they were acquired.

        Allspice may be a solution.

        • StevenWaterman 13 days ago
          That would probably just be GitHub and an HDL
          • lurker137 12 days ago
            The closest I know of are and
            • cottonseed 12 days ago
              AllSpice might be what you're looking for?

              > AllSpice: A git platform for hardware engineers


              • fqrley 12 days ago
                Many semiconductor manufacturers publish application notes with partial to full designs. Linear Technology app notes were probably the best example of this.
                • bitlax 13 days ago