Ask HN: Which password manager do you use?

10 points | by yalogin 12 days ago


  • theandrewbailey 12 days ago

    I used to use KeePass, but switched to KeePassXC when I discovered that XC had all the features that I needed, but without using plugins. Setting up XC and maintaining it is much easier versus KeePass + 3 plugins.

    • auxym 12 days ago
      Same, and Keepass2Android on my phone, using Nextcloud to sync the db. I use a combination of password and keyfile, the keyfile I only transfer offline between devices.
      • beardyw 12 days ago
        Still use KeePass. What does XC bring?
        • theandrewbailey 12 days ago
          These are the KeePass features that need plugins that XC has built-in (and that I use):

          Browser autofill (replaces KeePassHttp plugin)

          TOTP (replaces KeePassOTP plugin)

          SSH agent (replaces KeeAgent plugin)

    • night-rider 12 days ago
      KeepassXC. I store my database both locally and in several cloud storage providers incase the local copy gets destroyed.
      • lathiat 12 days ago
        BitWarden. Switched from LastPass because it basically got no updates for 5+ years and was a bit clunky.
        • DougMellon 11 days ago
          I also shifted from LastPass to BitWarden and couldn't be happier with it.
        • echeese 12 days ago
          1Password, it's the perfect combination of security and convenience for me
          • colinjoy 12 days ago
            Same here. I use the last version that works without a subscription (v7).

            If they ever offer a version upgrade with a proper license, I will buy it without hesitation. Sadly, I don't think they want my money.

            Most likely, I will use this version until it dies with breaking macOS changes. Then, with regrets, I will move to the second best password manager with a buy to own license.

            • aristofun 12 days ago
              I feel your pain.

              I would easily pay 100$ One time for next upgrade, but will never pay a single dollar subscription and will move to alternative just because i dont want to support that kind of people.

          • Jaruzel 11 days ago
            Excel spreadsheet with a strong password.

            It is shared with my partner. We both admin it, and have the same rights over it. Most sites allow copy/paste of credentials and for password generation there's a macro in the workbook that generates nice strong ones.

            As it's Excel, its mostly cross platform so can be accessed from a anywhere, plus it's free to use.

            • Froedlich 11 days ago
              My browser's password storage function for general web sites, forum logins, and such.

              My memory or a shirt-pocket notebook of passwords for things that need better security.

              The notebook is backed up by the simple expedient of using the copy machine and storing the copies in the safe. Old backups go to the shredder.

              • h4waii 12 days ago
                Bitwarden. I went from LastPass to Enpass, to KeePass (XC) and finally settled on Bitwarden's hosted option.

                I pay for a premium (or old family rate) account because $12/year is worth it for their offering.

                One of the few software subscriptions I have, might switch to self hosted at some point in time.

                • smcn 11 days ago
                  I use and ivy-pass for Emacs integration (copying and generating passwords). I use a private git repo for storage and syncing.

                  Perfectly happy with it.

                  • l8rpeace 12 days ago

                    I've been using this for years. Basic plan at $18/year is everything I need.

                    • al_borland 12 days ago
                      I’ve been using 1Password for about 15 years. I’ve never seen a reason to give it up, and even if I did, there would need to be enough of a reason to make that migration worth it.
                      • Nasreddin_Hodja 11 days ago
                        • eimrine 12 days ago
                          A paper notebook near my computer. Sometimes I do photos of it and store them in other building. Sometimes that notebook consists smart moves like how to find useful setting.
                          • aristofun 12 days ago
                            1password 6, because i dont have to subscribe to a desktop software that doesn’t depend on any service (at least this is how i want my sensitive desktop apps to be).
                            • lastofus 12 days ago
                              Same here, except the Chrome broke the v6 legacy plugin with an update, which makes it kinda useless. I ended up switching to Bitwarden just so I could auto-fill in Chrome again.
                            • surds 12 days ago
                              Dashlane. Been using it for a few years now. A bit disappointed that they discontinued native apps for Mac and Windows.

                              Wonder why it is never mentioned here on HN.

                              • gaws 11 days ago
                                1Password with a free, lifetime account. It's the best password manager on the market, bar none.
                                • notemaker 11 days ago
                                  Bitwarden. Envious of 1password's integration with fastmail for disposable email addresses though.
                                  • kojeovo 12 days ago
                                    Too lazy to switch off last pass, does the trick, but would go with bitwarden or 1pass starting from scratch
                                  • Leftium 12 days ago
                                    • yalogin 12 days ago
                                      Once you use a software are you stuck with it? How would you move away from it to another one?
                                      • pozol 11 days ago
                                        The few that I’ve tried allow you to export all of your passwords, and import from various formats. So most of the time you’d be able to export from one and import it directly onto another
                                      • jpl56 12 days ago
                                        KeePass at work with a locally stored file (encrypted hard disk)

                                        Firefox's password storage at home.

                                        • octobus2021 12 days ago
                                          Gorilla (manually backing up local file). Security through obscurity :)
                                          • aricz 12 days ago
                                            • xanthine 12 days ago
                                              Unix pass with a gpg key, backup up to a private GitHub repo.
                                              • aprdm 11 days ago
                                                1Password , started migrating otp to there too
                                                • mothinx 12 days ago
                                                  Bitwarden (rust version) self-hosted
                                                  • 8b16380d 11 days ago
                                                    iCloud Keychain
                                                    • highhedgehog 12 days ago
                                                      Bitwarden cloud
                                                      • simonsmithies 11 days ago
                                                        • rajesh98075 12 days ago