Ask HN: Where do you search for jobs?

6 points | by rrmdp 12 days ago


  • rossdavidh 12 days ago
    I look at multiple (e.g., and also hit up former coworkers, and most of all every month HN has "Who's Hiring" and related posts (you can find June's here: ).
    • hahnchen 11 days ago
      Kind of unrelated, but do you know where I can find internship positions? Ask HN usually exclusively lists full-time jobs
    • rrmdp 11 days ago
      So you got to the most known job boards, you don't bother to search new ones at all?
      • rossdavidh 11 days ago
        The newer it is, it seems, the less likely it is to have something, unless it's the same job that every other board knows about.
        • rrmdp 7 days ago
          Yeah, there are a lot of job board aggregators
    • muzani 11 days ago
      HN is the best source I've seen so far. High quality, well paid jobs most of the time.

      LinkedIn gives good quantity and moderate quality but never landed any real interviews there so far.

      • rrmdp 11 days ago
        So you only use a couple of sources, you never google for other job boards at all?
        • muzani 10 days ago
          Most job boards are a waste of time. They're mostly fishing for skilled applicants at cheap rates. You get a much worse deal than if you contact the company first.

          I've actually had one company contact me through HN for a role that I applied to on a job board. They rejected me via the job board, but continued the interview via the contact.

          A reverse job board, which lists people for hire (much like HN does) would be more useful.

          • rrmdp 8 days ago
            "fishing for skilled applicants at cheap rates" I loved this!!!

            Thanks for your reply muzani :)

      • rantallion 12 days ago
        It might help to specify your profession.

        As a developer, I don't search for jobs. Jobs search for me. Not every profession has the same dynamic.

        • rrmdp 11 days ago
          Where do you advertise yourself so jobs search for you?
          • rantallion 11 days ago
            Just having an up-to-date profile on LinkedIn seems enough. Even with all the 'open to work' settings turned off, there's no end to the recruiters reaching out with opportunities. When I last enabled those options, I was up to 50 new conversations before the end of the week.
            • rrmdp 10 days ago
              This is amazing!

              Do you have a good GitHub profile to showcase?