Show HN: A link/news aggregator I am working on


3 points | by SpeelingWrong 10 days ago


  • haspoken 7 days ago
    The text is so big! I get 9 items on my monitor vs 30 on the HN page. I counted 31 items on Omegapedia's first page, but I have to scroll down to see them then go to the next page.

    Tried to middle click and right click to open story in another tab, didn't work. Took a minuted to realize it won't let me do that. It appears that I have to open link on the same page and use back to return.

    Highlighting text won't let me search, instead it takes me to the link.

    Didn't find many comments. It would be nice to have an option to look for pages with most comments and to have a time filter on your sort so one could just look for posts in say the last month or week, not just over all time.

    I am likely too used to the HN layout - high density, no scrolling per page, just hit next page at the bottom. Quickly open stories in tabs and read the articles at my leisure.

    It would be nice to be able to configure how the page is displayed and its behavior opening links.

    I use firefox as my browser.