Ask HN: Best Forms of Digital Detox?

6 points | by Exorust 12 days ago


  • spansoa 12 days ago
    Disabling all notifications where possible. Turning my phone off when I'm not expecting important calls. Books. Walks in nature. Cycling. Allowing for a small window of time at night for social media, then I move the phone into another room so I'm not tempted to refresh my feeds.
  • robaye 9 days ago
    Unfollow, unfriend, unsub, etc. from what doesn’t provide any real value to your life. In otherwise minimize what you consume.
  • verdverm 12 days ago
    Being in nature
  • nicbou 12 days ago
    I ride my bicycle or motorcycle. You can't be online when your hands are busy.

    I'll usually bring a book or a notebook, linger in cafés and parks, and browse random shops.

  • EddieDante 12 days ago
    Turn off the electronics. Read books on paper. Write in a notebook with a pen.