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  • My name is Scott. I do a lot of open source security research.

    I very recently joined AWS Cryptography as a Senior Security Engineer. Unless otherwise stated, my opinions are my own and do not reflect my employer.

    BTC: 1JFMFqPH6Dmn1wN1EwQ9i5bpN9HB28nxEw

    ZEC: zcfwumFZHV3ka5fgrbjk5sUQtytgrig2oWMvc2diUdmJqJBvthKEZKjeegSnk5hA3q2vXospjNkfjwwYx2tMoRdMw1wnjrV

    ZEC public address: t1M3ctLRF9FKNpmH1ZaZJDXnMzYoCHg7BDB