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  • Hacken Hub is a cybersecurity solution with a broad specialization. Our services include anti-phishing, penetration testing, smart contract audit, and bug bounty programs.

    Anti-phishing will take you public opinion to a next level. Our complex approach is a warranty of absence of malicious imposters.

    Penetration testing by Hacken provides a full assessment of systems and arranges all the vulnerabilities in a bug fix report for further implementation.

    Smart contact audit is a manual check of source code by our experts, which ensures the safety of smart contract’s logic.

    Bug bounty is the most advanced security measure. It’s a continuous protection by our community of more than 1000 white hat hackers, who are hunting for vulnerabilities of any program.

    In general, Hacken Hub offers the innovative approach to cybersecurity combining the latest trends with traditional methods of system assessment, tailored specially for every client.

    Among our clients there are: TTC, Crypviser, VeChainThor, Kuna.

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