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  • Chief Technology Officer for MUFG Americas region of the largest bank in the free world. Also lead Enterprise Architecture and Technology Strategy & Incubation. Still get to live in zsh and vscode at work.

    Previously cloud platform CTO and chief architect at world's largest hedge fund. Serial tech entrepreneur, co-founded a regional ISP, top ten digital agency, and a global private label video CDN.

    I am hiring, and/or looking for innovative or discontinuous tech our team can collaborate with.

    We are building a platform supporting the pace of evolution of financial technology, to unlock new businesses and exceed commercial and consumer expectations for managing money.

    I am seeking tech in, and engineers with deep experience in, IaaS/PaaS platform development and operations at scale: specialists in security, ML, analytics, multi-CSP, hybrid-cloud, cloud abstraction, CI/CD for software defined infrastructure, data as a service, event stream logging / processing, distributed computing, etc.

    We have global scale problems to solve in an industry that needs big changes, and the funding to see it through.

    Contact me personally via my username at gmail, or...

    Work: sterretta at us mufg jp.

    Coordinator: pdesormeaux at us mufg jp.