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    - breck7 at google's mail service or yunits at hawaii dot edu to contact me.

    Software Engineer/Data Scientist/Researcher/Angel Investor.

    Alum of: Microsoft, Mozilla WebFwd, YCombinator,, Duke.

    I invest in

    1) founders I would enjoy working for

    2) working on things I've been interested in for more than 10 years

    3) who I think will make the world a better place if they're successful.

    If you aren't in/haven't been in an accelerator yet I won't invest. That's for your sake, not just mine. I won't kid myself and pretend I'm a "value-add" investor. I do what I can but mostly just there to cheer you on. Mostly I do $10K checks as part of a bigger seed round.

    I believe we should build a world where every child has access to the world's best information. Let's build that world together! Support the #IntellectualFreedom movement!